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A: When are you going to register for classes?

B: My registration date is next month.

A: That is terrible.

B: Yeah, it is very late.

A: Mine is next week.

B: Why is your date so early?

A: I am a student athlete.

B: Maybe I should play a sport.

A: Soccer tryouts are tomorrow.

B: I don't like soccer.

A: Would you rather have a late registration date?

B: I actually would.

Nghĩa của từ:

- Register: đăng ký, ghi danh

- Registration: sự đăng ký

- Terrible: kinh khủng, ghê sợ

- Early: sớm, đầu tiên

- Athlete: vận động viên

- Tryout: thử sức

- Actually: thực sự

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