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Homework problems - Speaking A1

Makayla: Hi Sam. How are you?
Sam: Oh … Hi Makayla. I’m fine.
Makayla: What’s up?
Sam: Well, I haven’t done my French and maths homework … and I don’t know what to do.
Makayla: Oh, don’t worry. I’ll help you … OK … For French, write an email to your French friend about your weekend … and for …
Sam: Stop! Stop! Wait a minute. Can you say that again?
Makayla: OK. Write an email to your French friend.
Sam: Write an email … OK.
Makayla: Yes … about your weekend.
Sam: Do you mean a special weekend?
Makayla: No, no. Just a typical weekend … you know … what you normally do at the weekend.
Sam: OK. And for maths?
Makayla: For maths … erm … it’s pages 27 and 28 from the book and revise everything for the exam next week.
Sam: Hang on! Can you repeat that?
Makayla: Yeah. Pages 27 and 28 from the book and revise for the exam.
Sam: Exam? What exam?
Makayla: You know, the end of term exam? It’s next Tuesday!
Sam: Ohhh … OK, thanks a lot, Makayla!

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